The design of OneAEC is to enhance the personal and professional development of individuals in the architecture, engineering and construction (A/E/C) industry in the Greater Spokane and Coeur d'Alene Area. OneAEC is dedicated to promoting an awareness of our profession and its value to our community.

  • Provide a means of promotion/visibility for our profession.

  • Be a forum for professional training and continuing education.

  • Serve our existing membership and recruit new members.

  • Act as a source for networking and personal enjoyment.


OneAEC began as an idea over lunch, and has grown to a professional networking group of over 80 members.

In the summer of 1999, less than a dozen people from the architectural, engineering, and contracting professions began to meet informally for lunch to swap ideas and to participate in roundtable discussions. The meeting subjects pertained to marketing.

The group found the gatherings so helpful that it was decided that the participants should incorporate and start meeting on a more formal basis in order to increase the base from which to draw upon for professional development. The group also decided to bring in speakers from outside the group.

In the fall of 2000, OneAEC (formerly Marketing Associates of Spokane - MAS) was officially born and has grown steadily ever since. The group continues to offer professional learning opportunities, fun social events, and a great avenue for networking.