Drone Tips, Tricks, and Rules

Drones for your business

Spokane Convention Center: 334 W. Spokane Falls Blvd.

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Overview of Program

In the past five years, drone technology has exploded onto the stage as a compelling tool for industrial applications.  Flight Evolved will specifically focus on tangible ways that architects, engineers, and developers can integrate this technology into structural inspections, thermal imaging, CAD mockups, and marketing presentations. Insurance and FAA rules and regulations are something to keep in mind with flying a drone. CB|Lawyers will discuss indemnification provisions associated to consider when hiring a drone company and the liability associated with flying a drone. 

Flight Evolved has been at the forefront of aerial technologies for close to 5 years. They have a diverse portfolio that covers everything from Hollywood film sets, to thermal inspections, to documentaries with the US Department of the Interior. 

Presentation topics:

  • Introduction Into Drones
  • Overview of Drone Technology
  • Contemporary Case Studies of Drones in Architecture and Engineering
  • FAA Rules and Regulations


The Presenters for this program include:

Jordan Rising, Flight Evolved

A business owner and entrepreneur from Hamilton, Montana.  He is an FAA instrument rated commercial helicopter pilot and has been flying rotorcraft and UAV’s for 5 years.  He has also worked in the online marketing and design industry.  He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biology from Montana State University.

David Ilgenfritz, Flight Evolved 

An entrepreneur and business owner from Hamilton, Montana.  He holds Bachelor’s Degrees in Business Administration and Theology. He has 5 years of business ownership experience. He has worked in the nonprofit fundraising sector, visual marketing industries, and online web design.  

Scott Flage, CB|Lawyers

An associate attorney with Campbell & Bissell, PLLC.  He earned his B.A. degree from South Dakota School of Mines and Technology and his J.D. degree from Gonzaga University School of Law.  His practice focuses on general tort and contractual liability with an emphasis on construction law, commercial litigation and real estate in Washington.  He is licensed to practice law in the state and federal courts in Washington and the 9th Circuit Court of Appeals.  Scott has a variety of areas of litigation experience including commercial and residential construction, personal injury, contract, insurance, employment law, real estate and commercial disputes.  Prior to becoming a lawyer, Scott was a partner in a residential painting company. 


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Drone Tips, Tricks, and Rules