MAS is now OneAEC!


In the summer of 1999, less than a dozen people from the architectural, engineering, and contracting (A/E/C) professions began to meet informally for lunch to swap ideas and to participate in roundtable discussions. The meeting subjects pertained to marketing. The group decided to incorporate and meet on a more formal basis for the purpose of professional development. The group also decided to bring in speakers from outside the group. In the fall of 2000, MAS was officially born and has grown steadily ever since. The group continues to offer professional learning opportunities, fun social events, and a great avenue for networking. 

Over time, MAS’s presentation topics have been more A/E/C specific (less marketing related), and our membership consists of a variety of A/E/C and other industry professionals. With this evolution, the board has decided to rethink the name and brand of the organization. The Marketing Associates of Spokane (MAS) name does not accurately reflect the current composition of the group; hence the reason for renaming and rebranding of the organization.

OneAEC Mission & Membership

The OneAEC organization exists to enhance the personal and professional development of individuals in the AEC and associated industries in the Greater Spokane and Coeur d’Alene areas. The organization does this by bringing professionals in these industries together to gain relevant, meaningful knowledge and leverage the expertise and relationships of other members. People involved in the AEC industry are busy, focused and have an appreciation for good design. They are educated individuals working in a demanding field, requiring close attention to detail. They are motivated to attend events that will enhance their expertise, expose them to new partners/suppliers, and increase their chances of gaining new business — especially keeping regional projects supplied within the region.

Beyond serving marketing professionals, OneAEC membership is relevant to AEC business partners, principals, project managers, business developers and other professionals in this field including building owners, developers, property managers and others who support or do business with the AEC industry. 

Brand Attributes

The OneAEC brand image was developed to convey the following brand attributes:

  • Approachable — welcoming, relaxed/friendly, familiar
  • Professional — confident, trustworthy/reliable
  • Motivated — engaged, connected
  • Beneficial — knowledgeable/resourceful, informing/educational, relevant/in-the-know, valuable