Mandeville Seminar

The Mandeville Techniques Seminar

Lincoln Center: 1316 N. Lincoln, Spokane, Washington

We would like to thank everyone who attended the Mandeville Seminar event. We sincerely hope that you found it valuable.


Please join us for a one-day seminar with Stuart (Stu) Rose, PhD, creator of The Mandeville Techniques, which have jumped the marketing fortunes for thousands of design professionals. He’s provided training to over 45,000 professionals, primarily in the architectural, engineering and construction industry. Stu will help participants learn how to:

  • Identify new leads, market trends and future opportunities with clients when no specific upcoming project exists
  • Build and maintain comfortable relationships with a client(s) 
  • Measure potential interpersonal compatibility between a client and professional – (Instead of assigning who’s available or technically qualified for the specific project, asking “Who would this client enjoy working with?” Owners choose consultants based on who they are comfortable with.)


Winning projects and building client relationships depends on information. What do clients really want? How do the decisions really get made? How do the decision-makers really feel about you/your firm? The answers to these questions are pretty simple. Most architects, engineers and contractors have never been taught the skills to interview clients well or comfortably. They are trained as problem solvers, not interviewers. The Mandeville techniques are a simple set of skills that can be introduced and learned in a very short time and can provide your staff with tools they need to build strong client relationships and get the key information you need to compete successfully.

The training is clear and focused. It presents techniques that your staff will immediately put to use. It’s also a small group hands-on training session. Besides learning the concepts, attendees will practice the methods and develop their ability, and become more comfortable, in using these techniques. In a one-day session, Stu will present the underlying theory and techniques. Then attendees will apply them to 3-4 actual business scenarios. 

  • Client meetings about a known upcoming project. 
  • Meetings with new clients when you don’t know about a specific project. This could be an “owner” or a prime consultant with whom you may want to team.
  • Meetings to get meaningful feedback on current work (and identify new opportunities in the process).


Principals, senior staff, and marketers whose jobs require them to meet with clients and come away with meaningful information, and staff who should be or would like to be out talking to clients but are not comfortable doing it.


  • Date: Thursday, January 8, 2015 | Doors open at 8:00 a.m., Program starts at 8:30, Ends at 4:30 p.m.
  • Location: The Lincoln Center; Food: Breakfast, Snacks and Lunch Provided in Cost
  • Costs: $125 for members; $175 for non-members (National Societies pay over $300 a day for this seminar)
  • Group Cost: For groups of 3 or more from your firm, we will give you the member rate for each person. Please register online and select pay at door. You will be invoiced prior to the event so you get the discounted group rate. 


Stuart W. Rose, Ph.D., PDR, Inc. (Professional Development Resources Inc.), is the developer of The Mandeville Techniques. He’s both a graduate structural engineer and a graduate architect, and has been a consultant to hundreds of firms in the A/E profession, nationally, for many years.

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Mandeville Seminar